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What is ESOS?

The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme is an energy efficiency initiative requiring larger companies to undertake energy audits of their energy usage with a view to highlighting areas where energy can be saved. The Government-led scheme required businesses with more than 250 employees or with annual turnovers over £42.5m to submit an energy audit by December 5th 2015.


What are the benefits?


An ESOS Energy audit could be extremely beneficial; government predictions suggest that ESOS will help to deliver energy savings in excess of £1.6bn. As well as saving your company substantial expense on energy, an ESOS Energy audit will give you the opportunity to achieve improved business efficiency and an improved working environment for your employees.

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How can LER:LED help?

Given that over 60% of the UK’s electricity is consumed by electrical motors, and another huge percentage given electrical commercial lighting, our established Lighting & Energy Division, LER:LEDis particularly well-placed to help you through the initial energy audit and proposed energy savings stages of the ESOS process. LER:LED can help you identify:-

  • which motor applications could benefit from IE3 upgrades
  • which motor applications would be suited to variable-speed drive control
  • which motor applications are doing nothing and could be switched off
  • which lighting could easily be retrofit to use LED fitments
  • our findings can then be used as data for part of the ESOS energy audit.


As Certified ESOS Lead Assessors we can carry out compliance audits from August 2016 – March 2017. We can ensure that you provide and maintain evidence to show how you have complied with the scheme.

Can your company highlight energy savings opportunities?

On a typical site with an annual electricity bill of £200,000, over £130,000 will be spent on running electrical motors. By the install of a variable-speed drive to these applications, a simple retrofit option can see energy costs fall by up to 70%. LED lighting retrofits will also see energy consumption fall greatly.  This would go a long way towards ESOS compliance in the eyes of the Environment Agency.

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme
Energy Efficiency Audit

Our Service

We can provide an Energy & Productivity Appraisal; designed to identify, measure and deliver real energy savings. This highly accurate data forms part of your company’s assessment of your energy usage.  Findings are then analysed and potential savings identified using dedicated software. These are presented through tables and graphs to easily show where savings are likely to arise. They provide data on estimation of present energy usage, savings areas and payback time of any proposed investments.  An action plan can then be prepared, containing an executive summary and a detailed engineer’s report highlighting the areas that can benefit from highlighted changes. The figures will be broken down into monthly energy savings.

Companies also need to compile data on other energies including gas and transport costs to fully meet the terms of ESOS.

Call us now on 01332 873 118 or email us at to arrange a no-obligation scoping call to discuss the possibility of energy savings through motor-driven applications and the lighting used within your business. We can identify the size of project and ensure you have appointed an ESOS lead assessor before the deadline date.