May 2016 – The Answer to an 8’ Problem

The main problem with 8’ fluorescent tubes is that they use an enormous 100w of power per tube (add 10% for the ballast). Because of their superior light output they are often mounted in higher locations in warehouses and production workshops; this makes replacing them (they are not known for their longevity) awkward, time-consuming and expensive.

8' Fluorescent tube

Unfortunately 8’ CFL tubes are becoming increasingly hard to source and increasingly expensive to buy.


We recently supplied a Long Eaton warehouse with a quantity of refurbished 8’ luminaires pre-fitted with low-energy 42w LED tubes. The LED tubes are guaranteed for 5 years, and with the lower power requirement (but improved lighting levels) they will save the client a whopping £2800 per year in electricity. Plus a lot less hassle changing and replacing each time a CFL goes down!

April 2016 – Derby precision printers see the light and move to LED!

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LER recently completed the retrofit of 30 x 400w Sodium lamps to 30 x 135w LED midi-bay luminaires in a precision printers on Ascot Drive, Derby.


The customer commissioned LER to design and install the new low-energy lighting across 4 departments including goods in, slitting, printing and despatch.


LER removed the old, yellowing sodium lamps and fitted new modern design flat midi panels at a height of 5m.


midibay-pro.07e8c5e26cba452c5304949da129e423175 LED midibay












Lumens levels have been dramatically increased as can be seen on the adjacent picture, and anticipated annual electricity savings are expected to be in excess of £1,400.


Coupled with the introduction of PIR’s sensors in goods in and despatch, the customer expects the project to pay for itself within 3 years – and the midi-bay lamps are guaranteed for 30,000 hours!


We had a slight issues with the PIR’s operating intermittently due to the close proximity of ceiling-mounted gas heaters. LER asked the local lighting manufacturer to accompany us to visit the customer to adjust the PIR sensitivity to compensate for this – whilst recognising when a member of staff came within 5 metres of any of the lights fitted with PIR. The lights are programmed to be turned off after 5 minutes without detecting activity, producing further energy savings.


The customer, who predominantly prints on metal foil for the pharmaceutical industry, is naturally delighted with the new lighting system and has now asked LER to fit a number of low-energy LED floodlights around the exterior of the factory in place of power-hungry unreliable halogens!