Need an EPC?

A Commercial EPC illustrates how energy efficient the commercial property is on a scale of A-G, with A being the most efficient. The certificate also records the impact the property has on the environment. It is mandatory that a commercial EPC is in place prior to marketing a commercial property.
Newly constructed commercial buildings are also required to have an EPC.
EPCs are provided with a recommendation report highlighting how energy efficiency can be improved.
Commercial EPCs are valid for a 10 year period.

So if you are selling, renting or leasing a commercial property you need a Commercial EPC. If a commercial building is split into parts designed or altered to be used as separate businesses the parts may each require their own individual EPC.

Why choose LER for your EPC?
LER offer a free lighting survey with each Non-Domestic EPC issued so that-
– Sellers can see how they might improve the EPC rating of their property by simple lighting changes
– Buyers can see how they might most economically improve the lighting of their newly-acquired premises before they move in. This should help lower  future electricity bills and help create a better working environment for staff.

Any other reason?
Yes. We also offer a free re-model of any Commercial EPC that does not achieve at least an ‘E’ rating (the minimum energy rating that a building can have if it’s leased, rented or re-leased). This takes the guesswork out of building modifications to achieve an ‘E’. We recently had a customer who bought a new boiler that didn’t improve his energy rating sufficiently!

energy rating

Our Service

We can also provide an Energy & Productivity Appraisal for ESOS; designed to identify, measure and deliver real energy savings. This highly accurate data forms part of your company’s assessment of your energy usage.  Findings are then analysed and potential savings identified using dedicated software. These are presented through tables and graphs to easily show where savings are likely to arise. They provide data on estimation of present energy usage, savings areas and payback time of any proposed investments.  An action plan can then be prepared, containing an executive summary and a detailed engineer’s report highlighting the areas that can benefit from highlighted changes. The figures will be broken down into monthly energy savings.

Companies also need to compile data on other energies including gas and transport costs to fully meet the terms of ESOS.

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