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Industrial Electrical & Lighting Installations

Panel Design and Build

Our team of skilled electrical engineers design and build electrical panels and perform electrical installation of industrial equipment. We are able to provide a complete control panel manufacturing and electrical installation service.


LER work to a wide variety of customer specifications and the engineering standards laid out in the 17th Edition.


LER’s panel building projects are engineered using AutoCAD electrical and Amtech to provide the appropriate panel and installation documentation. Our installations fully conform to the NICEIC requirements and are subject to yearly audits from this body. As well as providing new equipment, LER will undertake the upgrade of existing controls and a full relocation service if necessary.

lighting design
On-site Electro Mechanical Services

Robotic Installation and Servicing

From design to installation and on-site training, LER automation installation provides a full robotic service to ensure your business stays ahead of your competitors.


We help you automate mechanized routines in your manufacturing and production sectors through integrated control systems that will reduce your costs and improve your business quality, accuracy, precision and repeatability. LER understand how important it is for you to maximize the output of your final product.

Design and Installation of Variable Speed Drives

Over 60% of the UK’s electricity is consumed by the humble commercial electrical motor. So a large site with an annual electricity bill of £200,000 could be spending over £130,000 on running electrical motors. LER are particularly well-placed to help you identify areas where savings could be made by the introduction of Variable Speed Drives. LER can upgrade your business to IE3 motors or install variable-speed drives where appropriate – and your energy costs could fall by up to 70%.


The cost of VSD’s has reduced considerably over the last few years. This has led to a rapid rise in applications. VSD’s are an attractive proposition enabling precise control of equipment often eliminating the requirement for gearing and pulleys.


A VSD device is used to control the speed of an induction motor. An AC induction motor is a constant-speed motor. In a good number of electric motor applications energy use can be reduced considerably if the speed of the motor varies in response to the changing process conditions. A modern VSD is quite capable of supplying a speed range between 20% and 200% of the motor plate speed. Given that a pump is not always required to be running at its motor plate speed, any reduction in motor speed contributes to a direct saving in energy costs. In fact, a 20% reduction in motor speed can return a massive 50% saving in electricity costs! Motor speed and energy usage are exponentially related.


For example, a 30kW motor running 24/7 costs approx. £25,000 a year to run:-


  • Using a VSD to reduce the speed by 10% would save £6,500 a year
  • Using a VSD to reduce the speed by 20% would save £12,000 a year


Installing a VSD is a particularly energy efficient method of controlling processes and machinery that utilise standard AC motors. Other benefits include reduced CO² emissions and vastly reduced wear on associated equipment.


LER apply a prevention rather than cure approach during the front end design, selection and installation of VSDs. LER fit Variable Speed Drives to provide you with instant results and have short payback periods.

Lighting Design and Installation

Just think about never having to change a light bulb ever again! Comparing LED’s to conventional halogens that can last only 2,000 hours, LEDs last an impressive 25 times longer. Large office or commercial properties often use hundreds of lamp fittings, so the labour costs saved over years of not having to change lamps will result in massive savings. This makes LED lights an excellent investment for all types of businesses.


Most of our LEDs are approved to have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. That equates to almost 17 years of life if used daily for 8 hours a day! This amazing lifespan means you don’t have to replace your lamps anywhere near as often. Over a period of time you will end up purchasing and fitting far fewer lamps, which adds to your lighting savings.
LER ensure that LED lighting retrofits provide huge reductions in energy consumption and can advise on the best designs and retrofits to help you make the most of your energy requirements and deliver real energy savings. We will provide data on present energy usage, savings areas and payback time of any proposed investments to make sure that you have made the very best decision.


LER use DIALux lighting software to ensure that your work areas are adequately and economically illuminated and are able to supply and fit design bespoke LED lighting.

PLC Programing and Software Writing

A Programmable Logic Controller is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electro-mechanical processes. PLC’s often control machinery on factory assembly lines and machinery, in many applications and industries.


LER can install PLC’s to help your make your production more efficient.

Emergency Repair – 7 days a week call-out service.

We offer a 24-hour call-out service for emergency repair and unit replacement. Call us now on 01332 873 118.