Fixed Wiring

To ensure compliance with current legislation, a regular program of test and inspection of all electrical installations must be implemented within a non-domestic environment.


These tests ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken to reduce the risk of electrical failure which could ultimately lead to injury or death. LER’s qualified engineers carry out in depth inspections and provide reports in a specially produced “work diary” format in order to aid compliance.


All equipment tested is given a unique reference number and identified on a CAD generated schematic drawing of the installation.

electrical inspection testing
pat testing

PAT Testing

All portable appliances must be tested and certified at an agreed frequency dependent upon their type and usage. Appliances including kettles, mains power tools, fans, computers etc. must be tested, labelled and logged to provide evidence to show that all reasonable steps have been taken to comply with current legislation

Hazardous Areas

LER have an ATEX trained engineer who can carry out inspections of hazardous areas and provide a written report on the condition and compliance of your installed equipment to maintain safety in these critical environments.


If necessary, refer to:- Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002


These Regulations require the elimination or reduction of risk of fire and explosion from substances connected with work activities. Should your business generate explosive atmospheres in the workplace (if you work with flammable gases, mists, vapours or combustible dusts), we can provide an ATEX-approved service using the correct equipment. We are the East Midlands’ foremost ATEX-approved motor repairers, suppliers and installers.

hazardous area
emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarms

Vital safety equipment such as Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm systems should be kept in good operable condition. LER can provide scheduled tests and inspections to ensure that your property & personnel are protected. Test certificates are produced for each inspection.


LER have the necessary skills and resources to provide you with a proactive regime to ensure your motor failures are kept to a minimum. LER can inspect and monitor motor condition to help lower the risk of motor failure and keep your business running smoothly. Contact us for dynamic balancing and motor refurbishment.

Emergency Repair – 7 days a week call-out service.

We offer a 24-hour call-out service for emergency repair and unit replacement. Call us now on 01332 873 118.