Laser Alignment Services

Shaft misalignment is responsible for almost 50% of all rotating machinery breakdowns.


Machine breakdown is often the result of additional wear and tear caused by shaft misalignment. Angular or parallel shaft misalignment places additional and unequal strain on moving parts. Misalignment also increases energy consumption and increases running costs.


Laser Alignment is the perfect solution to this problem and combined with a thermographic inspection, LER can identify machinery parts that are at risk. A Preventive Maintenance Schedule will save on repair costs, downtime and lost production.


We have the capability to meet your laser alignment and metrology needs, and provide services for a wide range of rotating equipment. We lead the field in measurement services using the latest technology available and adapting it to a wide range of applications.

Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment

  • Misalignment is the most common cause of machine vibration, and understanding and practicing the fundamentals of shaft alignment is the first step in reducing unnecessary vibration. Performing a correct laser shaft alignment procedure saves time and money.
  • LER offer full laser shaft alignment services proven to eliminate the most common cause of machine vibration. Correct coupling alignment means less failures, improved bearing and seal life, and reduces power loss.
  • Utilising precise laser alignment equipment, we can quickly improve the running condition and dependability of your machinery.
  • Traditional alignment methods such as using a straight edge and feeler gauge may be quick but they can be inaccurate. Dial indicators can offer better accuracy, but this requires specialist operators and can be time consuming. Piano wire alignment requires a laborious set up and can provide inaccuracies due to any sudden vibrations in the area. Laser shaft alignment provides faster, easier, and more accurate results. The laser beam remains level and produces a precise and uniform reference on all sorts of procedures such as motor shaft, motor coupling and bearing alignment. Laser Shaft Alignment offers the following benefits:
    • Prolonged bearing life
    • Reduced stress on couplings/reduced risk of overheating and breakage
    • Reduced wear on seals/prevents contamination and lubricant leakage
    • Reduced friction/reduced energy consumption
    • Reduced noise/reduced vibration
    • Increased machinery productivity
    • Reduced replacement components and machinery downtime costs

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