On-site Electro Mechanical Services and Electro-Mechanical Expertise including Lift & Shift

Through continued investment in equipment and people, LER has developed a comprehensive on-site electro mechanical engineering service at the core of its overall engineering business. From plant breakdowns and planned maintenance through to major design, build and turnkey projects LER has the expertise, skills and resources to provide you with the “total engineering service” to suit your budget, time-scale and technical requirements.


Turnkey Projects – Our Contracts Manager will initially spend time discussing your requirements and specification to allow us to prepare a feasibility study, conceptual design and costings to allow presentation of a final design. We can then ensure completion within timescales and budgets to meet all customer requirements.


Panel Building – At LER we supply a variety of electrical cabinets for our clients from simple pump control to multi cubicle complex drive and control systems, all manufactured using the latest technology and designed to comply with current legislation. All panels are built by our in-house engineers to maintain quality control as a priority which results in superior after sales support from our own dedicated team. LER work to a wide variety of customer specifications and the engineering standards laid out in the 17th Edition.

On-site Electro Mechanical Services
Lift and Shift

Pump Repair

LER are the East Midland’s pump experts. Whatever the size or type of your pump, LER have the resources and experience to provide a complete overhaul service. Pump repairs are often carried out on site, but often our engineers will remove the faulty unit and complete a full repair or overhaul at our workshop facility in Breaston, Derbyshire.


We are able to undertake the repair of Agitators and Mixers, Centrifuges, Compressors, Fans, Gearboxes, Motors, Pipework, Pumps, Rotary Valves, Screw Conveyors, Tanks and Pressure Vessels and Valves.

Laser Alignment

LER offer full laser shaft alignment services proven to eliminate the most common cause of machine vibration. Correct coupling alignment means less failures, improved bearing and seal life, and reduces power loss.
Utilising precise laser alignment equipment, we can quickly improve the running condition and dependability of your machinery.

Robotic Installation and Servicing

LER automation installation provides a full robotic service to ensure your business stays ahead of your competitors. LER understand how important it is for you to maximize the output of your final product.

Variable Speed Drives

LER can upgrade your business to IE3 motors or install variable-speed drives where appropriate – and your energy costs could fall by up to 70%. A VSD device is used to control the speed of an induction motor.


A modern VSD is quite capable of supplying a speed range between 20% and 200% of the motor plate speed. Given that a pump is not always required to be running at its motor plate speed, any reduction in motor speed contributes to a direct saving in energy costs.

Lighting Design and Installation

Comparing LED’s to conventional halogens that can last only 2,000 hours, LEDs last an impressive 25 times longer. This makes LED lights an excellent investment for all types of businesses.
LER ensure that LED lighting retrofits provide huge reductions in energy consumption and can advise on the best designs and retrofits to help you make the most of your energy requirements and deliver real energy savings.
LER use DIALux lighting software to ensure that your work areas are adequately and economically illuminated.

PLC Programing and Software Writing

PLC’s commonly control machinery on factory assembly lines and machinery, in many applications and industries. LER can install PLC’s to help your make your production more efficient.

Emergency Repair – 7 days a week call-out service.

We offer a 24-hour call-out service for emergency repair and unit replacement. Call us now on 01332 873 118.