Commercial EPC’s, LED Lighting, ESOS & VSD’s

Commercial EPCs
If you are selling, renting or building commercial property, the chances are you’ll need a Commercial EPC (otherwise you could face a large fine). If a commercial building is split into parts ‘designed or altered to be used as separate accommodation’ the parts may each require their own EPC. The sale and let of commercial buildings can be complex with multiple tenancies and uses.

We offer a fast, friendly and straight-forward service. Being certified Elmhurst and Quidos Level 3 Assessors you can be sure that we deal with your Non-Domestic Energy Certificate requirements in an efficient, polite and professionally manner – on time and on budget

Variable Speed Drives/LED Lighting/IE3 Upgrades
Over 60% of the UK’s electricity is consumed by commercial electrical motors, and another huge percentage given to commercial lighting. Our established Lighting & Energy Division, is particularly to help you identify areas where savings could be made.

The cost of Variable Speed Drives has fallen in recent years. VSD’s enable precise control of equipment often eliminating the requirement for gearing and pulleys. Variable Speed Drives provide instant results and have short payback periods

Likewise, a pump is not always required to be running at its motor plate speed so a 20% reduction in motor speed can return a massive 50% saving in energy costs!
Example:-  A 30kW motor running 24/7 costs approx. £25k per year to run.

  • A VSD reducing the speed by 10% would save £6,500
  • A VSD reducing the speed by 20% would save £12,000
energy rating
Energy Efficiency Audit

LED Lighting designs, upgrades and savings

A large site with an annual electricity bill of £200,000 could be spending over £130,000 on running electrical motors. By upgrading to IE3 motors or installing variable-speed drives to these applications,  energy costs could fall by up to 70%.
LED lighting retrofits will also see energy consumption fall greatly; LER can advise on the best designs and retrofits to help you make the most of your energy requirements and deliver real energy savings.
We will provide data on present energy usage, savings areas and payback time of any proposed investments.

ESOS Energy Saving Scheme

As accredited Low Carbon Consultants and ESOS Lead Assessors approved by the Environment Agency, LER can provide energy advice designed to identify and help implement energy savings strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Several years of experience in zero and low-carbon technologies, and a thorough understanding of government incentives make us a logical choice to analyse your energy requirements.


The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), enforced by the Environment Agency (EA), highlights where larger organisations could save significant amounts of money on their energy requirements (and large volumes of CO²). LER can apply the same rationale to SME’s to help get you make the right energy choices and add value to your bottom line


Our services:-


  • Accredited ESOS Lead Assessors
  • Energy Savings Opportunities auditors
  • No-obligation action plan
  • Reduce your total energy consumption
  • Attack areas of significant consumption
  • Produce cash-flow analysis/payback


LER can also advise on Government-accredited incentives such as Feed-in-Tariffs (FITS) and Renewable Heating Incentives (RHI). LER can analyse your current energy demand and identify potential savings to add profit to your bottom line and make all energy-saving equipment investments cash-positive from the outset!


Presented through tables and graphs to highlight where savings can be more easily achieved, we propose new energy initiatives along with estimated payback time of any proposed investments.


LER’s Accredited ESOS consultant can bring considerable added value to any energy audit and get on with the task of proposing energy-saving initiatives such as:-


Variable Speed Drives. Over 60% of the UK’s electricity is consumed by the humble commercial electrical motor. Variable Speed Drives installed by LER provide instant results and have short payback periods.
LED Lighting. Commercial lighting is a costly expense and we can show you how the implementation of low-energy LED lights will pay back very quickly.


IE3 Upgrades. If your business uses old-style motors LER can show you how replacing them with IE3 could be the easiest and best decision you could make to bring your energy costs tumbling down!

Emergency Repair – 7 days a week call-out service.

We offer a 24-hour call-out service for emergency repair and unit replacement. Call us now on 01332 873 118.