For most manufacturers, unscheduled downtime due to unexpected failures on rotating equipment is the biggest cause of lost production time. Vibration Analysis can play a pivotal role in the running of your plant. It’s a process that monitors the levels and patterns of vibration signals within a machine to evaluate its health and any problems that might be occurring.

Any time a machine is running, it is creating vibration. Using an accelerometer, this vibration is recorded is both time waveform and spectra via the Fast Fourier Transform.

A trained analyst will come to your site and, using the latest Emerson 2140 data collector, take readings from your assets ready for analysis.
Vibration analysis is able to see a large range of machine faults from;

    • Misalignment
    • Bearing faults
    • Inverter frequencies
    • Resonance
    • Mechanical looseness
    • Pipework failures
    • Cavitation in Pumps

Continued monitoring on your assets will enable the LER engineer to spot when there has been a change in the vibration signal. The benefits from this include;

    • Decreased downtime
    • Increased efficiency and production
    • Decreased maintenance costs

Using this technology alongside the data recorded by the Emerson 2140, we can recommend skip frequencies or clamping options.

The use of this is not just limited to pipework. Bed resonance can also be a large problem on rotating assets.

This was motor in the field that was experiencing a high 1x vibration vertically on the NDE of the motor. Using the video created by Dragon Vision, we able to see the bed was vibrating along with the motor. On inspection of the bed, it was found that the motor bed mounts were perished.


Alongside Vibration analysis, LER can now offer a Motion Tracking video service. Taking footage using a high-resolution camera and running the footage through our Dragon Vision software in order to create a visualisation of the vibration. This is particularly useful in pipework vibration.

Once the video is taken, it is then run through the Dragon Vision software. What happens is that the software can detect the movement of the pixels in the footage and thus create a video in order to show us the actual movement.

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